KitKat has unveiled three brand new flavours and they sound absolutely delicious

Publish Date
Saturday, 3 July 2021, 10:39AM

Who doesn’t love a cheeky KitKat? And now we have three new flavours to try!

The new range of KitKats – which feature two blocks inspired by Australian regions and one snake size KitKat that cookie fans will love - have officially dropped in New Zealand this week.

Dark Tasmanian Mint and Dark Southern Australian Orange blocks fuse the classic KitKat wafer with dark chocolate and the equally delicious flavours, mint and blood orange.

Meanwhile, the Cookie Collision mixes together the iconic crispy wader fingers with cookie fudge filling and cocoa crisps.

Nestlé Head of Marketing Fraser Shrimpton said: "It's exciting to be launching not one, but three new KitKat flavours into New Zealand this month that provide chocolate fans with multiple ways to enjoy our different flavour combinations.

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"The new dark blocks will elevate evenings with moments of decadence, and Cookie Collision an iconic flavour experience when on the go. I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite though!"


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