Kiwi woman goes viral after her robot vacuum cleaner went rogue in the community

Publish Date
Friday, 6 May 2022, 11:52AM

One Kiwi woman has gone viral after her robot vacuum clear slipped out of her Coromandel home and headed into the wild this week.

Taking to social media in an attempt to find the rogue robot, the Whangamatā woman wrote: "I know this sounds mad, but has anyone seen a iRobot vacuum cleaner 902 end of Port road?"

She revealed she was charging the device in her cupboard when she heard it start up.

"I did have garage door open and am now wondering if it took off down driveway, I really can't find it in house."

The community hilariously started reporting sightings of the plucky robot across the coastal settlement - some of which may not have been entirely factual.

"Just passed it going up the Bombays," one person wrote.

"Those things are like rabbits ... town will be overrun with them by spring!" added someone else.

Only in New Zealand!

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