Kiwi woman shares her delicious Caramilk Bliss Ball recipe

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Sunday, 19 February 2023, 10:00AM
Photo / Facebook

Photo / Facebook

Kiwis can't help but go crazy for Caramilk ...

And now one chocolate lover has shared her delicious creation called the "Caramilk bliss ball" which she has described as tasting "amaze-balls".

The balls contain coconut and crushed up biscuits as well as condensed milk.

Taking to the 'Slow Cooker Recipes & Tips Facebook page', the woman said it's easy to make and takes nearly zero preparation.

And the response? Thousands of people have praised the idea as "delicious" and a "game-changer".

As one food lover put it: "Yes It is confirmed, these little babies are seriously dangerous."

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The poster said some people may prefer to melt their chocolate in the microwave but she prefers to do it in the slow cooker to avoid burning the Caramilk.


1x block of caramilk choc (190g)
1x tin of condensed milk (395g)
1 packet of plain biscuits (250g)
80g coconut ( + extra to roll balls in)

Turn your slow cooker on high with the lid off. Break up the chocolate and put it into the slow cooker to melt. While you wait for the chocolate to melt, crush your biscuits.

Once the chocolate is melted, turn off the slow cooker and add everything else in. Mix together well and roll into balls, and then roll into the extra coconut.

Store in the fridge or freezer.

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