Krispy Kreme and Pascall have teamed up to release a Pineapple Lumps Doughnut range!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 16 November 2022, 11:55AM

Did someone say Pineapple Lump doughnuts?!

Pascall and Krispy Kreme have teamed up to turn the classic kiwi chocolate into a doughy treat - and it is melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

The iconic taste sensation comes in two delicious varieties.

Delivering the ultimate Kiwi taste sensation for a limited time, Krispy Kreme brings together its shell doughnut filled with pineapple creme, dipped in chocolate, drizzled with pineapple-flavoured icing, and topped with a Pineapple Lump piece.

While the signature ring doughnut is swirled with chocolate creme, dipped in pineapple-flavoured icing, drizzled with chocolate ganache, and topped with a Pineapple Lump piece.

Is anyone else drooling?

Don’t miss out on this new tantalising twist on a Kiwi classic!

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