New Zealand Aquarium goes viral with their "Naughtiest Penguin Of The Month" award

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Thursday, 15 August 2019, 3:00PM
Facebook / National Aquarium of New Zealand

Facebook / National Aquarium of New Zealand

It seems New Zealand is getting a reputation for being home to some of the world's naughtiest penguins.

The National Aquarium of New Zealand - which is located in Napier - has gone viral this week with their hilarious "Naughtiest Penguin Of The Month" award.

From pushing each other from the pier, stealing one another's dinner, or just being outright obnoxious, these little aquatic birds are being shamed for all their laughable crimes on the zoo's Facebook page.

• Wellington's famous blue penguins have been spotted again ... at a McDonald's restaurant!

It's impossible to not love penguins!

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