Nurse left baffled after mum reveals the bizarre way she pronounces the name Liam

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Wednesday, 24 March 2021, 5:52PM

We all know some baby names can be unusual ...

But most people wouldn't think twice before attempting to pronounce the name that tripped up a paediatric nurse from the US.

In a video posted to TikTok, Lindsey Foster recounted the awkward moment she ended up "butchering" the child's name.

Foster, who admits she is "bad" with names, tells the camera: "I'm a paediatric nurse and I'm from the deep, deep south, so I butcher everybody's name.

"If it's not something super simple like Ben or Sally, I'm gonna butcher it.

"So, I see a kid's name on our computer and I say 'oh, Liam, I got this. L-I-A-M. Liam. Easy'."

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But it wasn't that easy.

"I go out, call the kid's name, nobody moves. Call him again. Nobody moves. Call him again nobody moves," Foster said.

"Finally this mum stands up and says 'do you mean 'Yum?' And I say 'no, Liam?' and she said 'yeah, it's short for William'."

Foster performed a "mind-blown" gesture for the camera to sum up the moment she learned that "Liam" wasn't always 'Lee-Um'.

The video has since gone viral, receiving over three million views.

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