Pak'n Save staff member goes viral with heartwarming gesture for struggling family

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Saturday, 14 December 2019, 9:08AM
Photo / Facebook

Photo / Facebook

A Pak'n Save's staff member has been praised online after a post of her heartwarming gesture has gone viral online.

Through an anonymous message on Samoa Ono ValuLima's Facebook page posted last Saturday, a family member wrote how "blessed" they felt when an Ormiston Pak'n Save checkout woman paid for their mum's groceries.

The grateful person explained that while her mum, sister and kids went out shopping they had to leave some of the kids' food at the store due to not having enough money.

But then the checkout worker came to the rescue.

"This God-given young lady left and went to grab something and my mum was confused," the anonymous post read.

"When she came back she gave my mum $30 back and paid for the rest of their shopping including the stuff they had left behind."

"I just wanted to acknowledge this Samaritan for her kind heart and willingness to give.

"I'm beyond blessed for this lady as it touched my mum's heart, in tears telling me what had happened.

"I pray God fills up what has been emptied and continues to bless you and your family.

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"Just as we are making ends meet you pop up out of nowhere and give us the best gift of all."

Many have praised the "heartwarming" gesture, with one writing how nice all the staff are at the Ormiston store.

"I shop there often and I must say the staff are incredibly friendly and polite. I applaud this young girl for her efforts and heart, God bless you," one person wrote.

"Wow, it's so good to see things like this. How people can really help. You know we don't know what the other person is going through. But something little like this can really touch someone's heart," another said.

One wrote: "After reading so many sad posts about our beloved Samoa, it's nice to read a post like this! Kindness goes a long way. May God bless you in ten fold! Your parents must be very proud of you and knowing you possess such a rare quality to find!"


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