Science says there is a perfect way to make a cup of tea

Publish Date
Wednesday, 20 April 2022, 8:47AM

So, turns out we've been making our cups of tea wrong this entire time!

A chemical engineer at Loughborough Univeristy, Dr Andrew Stapley, has undertaken some very important research - to find the perfect cup of tea.

The results? Put the milk in first.

Pouring milk into hot tea will heat the milk unevenly- causing the milk to lose it's flavour and heat unevenly. That can then cause the proteins in the milk to alter and produce floaty white bits which sometimes pop up on the surface of your tea.

If you pour your milk into the cup before adding the hot water, this can help to prevent 'hard water'. 'Hard water' is water that contains an excess of calcium and magnesium. The milk proteins can lower the mineral content of your water and bring back the flavour!

We're going to have to give this a try next time we make a cuppa.