Student's song about his battle with depression makes Simon Cowell emotional on 'America's Got Talent'

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Friday, 24 June 2022, 10:16AM

The judges of America's Got Talent – and the rest of the world - have been blown away by an absolutely stunning performance.

Contestant Kieran Rhodes absolutely wowed everyone during his performance on the show, where he showed off his beautiful vocal skills with a raw and moving original song 'Disengage,' which details his battle with depression.

The singer initially planned to impress the judges with a rendition of Billy Joel's 'She's Got a Way,' however, Simon Cowell pulled the pin and requested an original.

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Following the original song, Cowell admitted he felt a connection with Rhodes, sharing a story of his own challenges from starting in a music company mailroom.

"I think what you're going through is no dissimilar," noted Cowell, adding: "It plays on your mind, you get depressed. But I didn't have the talent you've got."

The Berklee College of Music student will progress through to the next round after getting “yeses” from all four judges.

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