Study reveals what stay-at-home mums' salaries would be if they actually got paid ...

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Friday, 10 May 2019, 5:22PM

We all know being a parent is hard work - but, unfortunately, it's a job that doesn't pay a full-time wage.

So if we were to earn a paycheck, how much would we be paid?

Well, according to a recent survey by, stay-at-home mums should earn upwards of US$162,581 (NZ$240,608) a year!

The total was determined after polling thousands of mamas on the tasks they devote time to - including everything from housekeeping and cooking to being an unofficial psychologist and a family CEO.

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Researchers also found the typical stay-at-home mum works almost 96 hours a week, with the most time-consuming tasks being cooking (14 hours per week), driving (9 hours), childcare (40 hours) and those "miscellaneous" tasks that add up to 33 more hours.

Of course, the true payoff of motherhood is in watching our children grow, learn and laugh.

Those experiences are priceless!

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