The Chase's Shaun Wallace leaves fans in hysterics with his terrible cover of 'Ring My Bell'

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Wednesday, 17 June 2020, 12:34PM

The Chase's Shaun Wallace is a man of many talents ... but it turns out singing isn't one of them.

During a recent episode of the much-loved quiz show, the Dark Destroyer left fans in hysterics when he belted out a cover of Anita Ward's hit single 'Ring My Bell' - hitting the high notes and all.

Going head-to-head with Christine from Kent, Bradley asked the pair what the title of Anita Ward's only number one single was.

But when the contestant was left stumped for the answer, Shaun proceeded to sing the song for her.

Unimpressed with his rendition, Bradley told viewers: "For those of you who are now sitting at home and your front room is full of dogs, they're probably the only things that can hear that.

"Frightening isn't it, folks?"

Fans rushed to Twitter to share their thoughts on Shaun's rather limited vocal range.

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One viewer wrote: "It absolutely killed me hearing Shaun sing Ring My Bell. When he hits those high notes."

Another agreed, adding: "Bless him at least he tried. I sound exactly the same as I can not sing whatsoever so I feel his pain singing high notes."

"Shaun's singing has been the best performance all night," a third cheekily joked.

Poor Shaun!

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