This brainteaser is baffling the internet! How long does it take you to spot the cocktail umbrella?

Publish Date
Tuesday, 9 July 2019, 4:05PM

Are your eyes sharp enough to solve this brain teaser which has left the internet scratching their heads?

While it may seem like a simple find for some, it has left thousands bewildered.

Amongst all the giant beach umbrellas, there's one umbrella in the picture that doesn't belong.

One of the umbrellas is actually a cocktail umbrella. Can you see it?

The summer-themed brainteaser was shared by, an online bingo site, with the site claiming that 95% of people can't find the cocktail umbrella in less than a minute.

If you are struggling, we'll give you a hint ... the umbrella is pink.

Given up yet?

Here you go!

How long did it take you?

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