TV station left red-faced after butchering New Zealand on world map during live news broadcast

Publish Date
Friday, 23 August 2019, 1:28PM

An American based television news channel has been left red-faced after they butchered New Zealand on their world map during a live broadcast.

Reporting on the growing tensions between the US and China, Russia Today America decided to highlight the countries in Oceania that could serve as US missile bases.

But while the news item was supposed to be a serious talking point, viewers couldn't help but shake their head at the graphics team's embarrassing error.

Papua New Guinea was labelled as South Korea, while New Zealand was labelled as Japan.

The presenter was seemingly unaware of the blunder as she continued with the broadcast.

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It's not the first time New Zealand has been either left off a map or been labelled incorrectly - and we doubt it will be the last!

At least the airfares to the Rugby World Cup will be cheaper!

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