Woman goes viral after sharing her hilarious online shopping fail

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Friday, 14 June 2019, 2:22PM
Photo / Katrina Harradine Twitter

Photo / Katrina Harradine Twitter

London woman Katrina Harradine had us in fits of laughter after her online order for a bikini didn't go quite to plan ...

Back in May, a cute two-piece Stripe Tie Triangle High Waist Bikini caught Harradine's eye on well-known website Boohoo ahead of her upcoming holiday in St. Lucia, but upon the parcel's arrival, excitement turned to disbelief.

She’d ordered the bikini in a size 16, however, instead of getting the right size, she was sent two pairs of bikini bottoms in a size eight.

Photo / Boohoo

Sure, we know two eights make 16, but it doesn’t quite work with clothing, does it?

To make matters worse, she claims the proper size 16 bikini top is made to fit a "16-month-old baby or a woman with just one breast".

Taking to Twitter, the 29-year-old called out the UK retailer and shared photos of the ridiculous gaffe.

She wrote: "Hey @boohoo_cshelp did y'all run out of size 16 bikini bottoms so send me two size 8's as a maths joke?? I actually wish I was kidding!"

Harradine claims she has since been given a "feeble" apology and told to send the package back along with a note.

"I couldn't believe it when I opened the package. I thought to myself, 'why me? Why do I always get these ridiculous things happening to me'?

"I decided to post it on Twitter because I thought I could have some fun with it," she admitted.

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