Woman goes viral with her IMPRESSIVE perfectly organised linen cupboard

Publish Date
Wednesday, 12 June 2019, 3:20PM

When Sonya Meares decided to reorganise her linen cupboard, never in a million years did she think she would go viral.

It may sound like a bizarre scenario, but Meares' linen press project caused a major stir when she shared a photo of it on social media.

Attracting over 3,000 likes, the mother-of-two from Sydney - who isn't a professional stylist or a decluttering expert - transformed a messy linen cupboard into a space that's streamlined to colour-coordinated perfection.

"That picture is still going crazy," she says.

The chic linen press makeover is just one of many home organisation projects Meares has undertaken since moving into her new home four years ago.

"That linen press was a work in progress for months because I kept changing my mind about how I wanted it to look," she explained.

"I had a vision in my head of how I wanted it, but I couldn't find the right boxes. It had to be functional but I wanted it to look pretty too.

Talk about a dream cupboard!

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