Woman goes viral with her super quick and easy three-ingredient recipe for Custard Toast

Publish Date
Friday, 26 May 2023, 3:55PM

Whether hot or cold, we all know that custard is the perfect accompaniment to any dessert.

But now it's also an indulgent breakfast treat, thanks to Custard Toast ...

The delicious creation - which uses only three ingredients and takes just 10 minutes to make - has gone viral after it was shared by popular Sydney cook Ayeh Far on her TikTok account.

In the clip, Ayeh preheats her air fryer to 180 degrees celsius and starts making the simple custard.

In a small bowl, she adds one egg, a few spoons of Greek yoghurt and a dash of maple syrup.

She whisks the ingredients together until combined to form a liquid consistency.

Next, with her fingers, Ayeh presses the centre of two bread slices to create a well, before spooning the liquid custard into the well.

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Lastly, she adds customisable toppings - her choice is either berries or chocolate chips.

Then she places her custard-filled slices into the air fryer to cook for up to five minutes and serves with maple syrup or Greek yoghurt.


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