Woman shares her super simple hack to getting avocados to ripen in 24 hours

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Thursday, 26 May 2022, 1:05PM
Photo: iStock

Photo: iStock

One woman is going viral after she revealed her super simple food hack to getting avocados to ripen in 24 hours.

Avocados tend to be temperamental when it comes to ripening.

But it turns out there's a simple trick to help them ripen faster so you can now time your avos looking perfect in time for your morning toast.

Health and wellness influencer Caroline Groth shared the method, which involves an unripe avo, a kiwifruit and a paper bag.

Taking to Instagram, the Aussie blogger filmed herself placing the avocado and the kiwifruit in a brown paper bag, rolling it up and leaving it for 24 hours to get the "most perfect, ripe avocado."

Groth revealed that kiwifruit releases ethylene gas, which is a "plant hormone that aids the ripening process."

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Wrapping both fruits up in the paper bag "traps the gas so the process works faster," she added.

Groth said you can also use a banana or an apple in place of the kiwifruit as both fruits also release ethylene gas.

So simple. So genius.

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