A collection of the best cat videos on the internet

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Thursday, 9 August 2018, 12:54PM
Photo / Getty Images

Photo / Getty Images

We all know that when it comes to cats, one day simply isn't enough to celebrate their greatness. But seeing as it's #InternationalCatDay, we thought we would try.

In order to celebrate the special occasion, we took to YouTube and rounded up the most purrrfect cat videos of all time.

These videos aren't newcomers to the cat hall of fame either, in fact, most have been watched tens of millions of times.

So chances are you have seen several of these founding fathers of feline entertainment floating around the internet before.

But that's what makes these videos so great, they stand the test of time and always promise a genuine 'lol' 'ROLF' or maybe even an 'LMAO'.

So sit down, grab a cuppa, your unwilling feline friend, and enjoy our top 10 cat videos for International Cat Day.

Keyboard Cat

A music legend was born when we were gifted Keyboard Cat in 2007, and with 52 million views, it appears the internet agrees.

Cat mum hugs baby

Get ready for serious cuteness overload with this one.

My cat saved my son

This cat legend saved a young boy from a vicious dog attack and we think he is a real hero.

Cat trapped in sandal

Cat trapped in sandal is played on a loop for a reason. Pure comedy gold.

OMG cat

The face we made when we saw this video had 28 million views.

Cat chats

No doubt these two pussy cats were plotting to take over the world. We hope they succeeded.

Surprise kitty

At 78 million views, this little cutie is making hearts melt all over the world.

Cat gets brain freeze

We've all been there, right?

Cat bath freak out

This poor little guy didn't want to get in the bath, and we don't blame him.

Boxing cat

A sporting champion was born when boxing cat came into our lives in 2008.

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