Bonnie Tyler performs 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' from cruise ship

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017, 11:03AM
Photo / Getty

Photo / Getty

Bonnie Tyler gave a preview for her performance of Total Eclipse of the Heart during a solar eclipse on Monday.

The singer, 66, sang a line from the iconic song during her appearance on CNN.

She belted out the eighties power ballad as a guest performer on a cruise ship during the spectacle, where the Earth's surface was plunged into darkness.  

During her CNN appearance, Bonnie sang her favorite lines from her song: 'I need you more than ever, and if you only hold me tight, we'll be holding on forever.'

As she performed a capella, CNN presenter John Berman lit a flame.

John cheekily asked her if you need glasses to 'look into a total eclipse of the heart without glasses,' to which she said: 'I will definitely be wearing my glasses later, but I'm sure that you can look into my heart.'

Adding: 'I wear it on my sleeve.' 

The Welsh artist is on Royal Caribbean's Total Eclipse Cruise, where she sang the tune as the eclipse occurred; DNCE performed with her.

Source: Daily Mail.