Bradley Walsh is left speechless after Anne Hegerty makes hilarious confession on 'The Chase'

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Monday, 11 March 2019, 3:10PM

Anne Hegerty is a fan favourite on the show, she's known for her great quips and quick wit, but there was a case of sharing TOO MUCH INFORMATION on a recent episode.

While chatting with The Governess before the chase began, contestant Catherine - who works as a police officer - mentioned that the 61-year-old was her inspiration.

In response to Catherine's comment that she'd love to be Anne, the Chaser replied with how she'd love to be a cop.

"I want to be you. I envy police officers," she said.

But it wasn't for the most conventional reason ...

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"Because I have to buy my own handcuffs."

Host Bradley Walsh's face summed up everyone's reaction to the startling revelation. 

It looks like Brad's not going to be able to get that mental image out of his head for quite some time!

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