Bradley Walsh leaves viewers in hysterics after 'drunk' appearance on TV

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016, 10:20AM

Although more commonly known as a TV presenter, he has a history as a comedian.

And Bradley Walsh certainly displayed his funny side at the weekend, as he left viewers in hysterics with his appearance on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch.

The game show host, 56, had viewers questioning whether he was still 'drunk' from the night before as he fooled around during a cooking segment - pretending at one point that a mushroom was his moustache.

The actor, who currently hosts The Chase, left both viewers and fellow guest on the show Olly Murs in fits of his laughter with his silly behaviour.

As the cooking section with hosts Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy opened, Bradley was seen with his back to the camera, frantically searching through the wine rack.

Attempting to conceal his laughter, Tim then proceeded with his script - but was shortly interrupted by the funny man who acted out the famous 'walking down the stairs' skit behind the kitchen counter.

A chuckling Simon later asked Bradley to slice the mushrooms - which is when the scene descended into hilarious chaos.

The former Coronation Street star had not even chopped one of the vegetables before he observed that a slice looked like a moustache.

To the hilarity of everyone in the studio, Bradley then held the ingredient up to his philtrum and began to speak in French accent, drawling with his head cocked to one side: 'Bonjour... mademoiselle... welcome to Sunday Brunch!'

The hosts later asked in disbelief when he had consumed his last drink - to which he replied in his usual witty style: 'About 20 minutes ago!'.
He later embarked on the alcohol tasting feature, despite his already giddy state, as well a drawing segment, which resulted in his work of art coming out as a Smurf.

Not stopping there, the presenter then began to perform a range of magic tricks while Simon was cooking - using a tea towel as his glamorous prop.

The hosts were unable to continue with the section due to their chuckling, while Olly Murs was forced to stand up from his chair as his 'stomach hurt from laughing so much'.

The appearance was met with delight from viewers of the show on Twitter, who flocked to the social media site to shower the actor with praise.

One user admitted: 'Today was one of the best ever, laughed for the whole 3 hours', while another claimed 'Bradley Walsh should be on everything!'

- Daily Mail

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