Britain's Got Talent judges left shocked after the incredible masked magician X reveals their identity

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Wednesday, 5 June 2019, 12:20PM

Throughout this season of Britain's Got Talent, the mysterious magician X has captivated the judges and audience with their mind-blowing tricks and concealed identity.

But, on Sunday night the man behind the mask finally revealed himself ... and left everyone gobsmacked.

It turns out X is actually last year's contestant Marc Spelmann.

You may remember the magician - who was Ant and Dec's golden buzzer last year - and his heartwarming performance which showed the crowd what "real magic" was.

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The 47-year-old had everyone in tears as he told how his wife Tessa battled aggressive breast cancer while she was pregnant with their daughter - after conceiving following five years of IVF.

However, as Spelmann failed to make the final last year he explained to the presenters that he really wanted to come back this year to finish his message of hope.

Viewers at home were stunned to find out the mysterious magician's real identity, flooding Twitter with their surprise.

One wrote: "Marc Spelmann is X?! That was an INCREDIBLE reveal. Well played. I think that’s won it for him."

Another said: "OMG. X is Marc Spellman did not see that coming! Wow!!!!!"

"I said he should have won last year and it was an injustice he didn’t make it, he is absolutely superb. X/Marc Spelman to win," commented somebody else.


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