Dirty Dancing Reveal: The Most Famous Dance Scene Of All Time Wasn't Rehearsed

Publish Date
Tuesday, 8 March 2016, 1:10PM

The last scene of the 1987 classic flick, Dirty Dancing, is definitely the most memorable and has been replicated more times than we can count. But now we're learning something brand new: Jennifer Grey told The Guardian that the dance, including the lift, wasn't even rehearsed.

"God, no! I only did it on the day I shot it," Grey said. "Never rehearsed it, never done it since. I don't know how all these people who re-enact it have the guts to throw themselves into the arms of anyone other than Patrick Swayze. It's insane!"

Grey also told the pub that she enjoys reminiscing about the roles of her youth.

Go-ahead and watch the iconic Dirty Dancing scene again here...

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