Golden Retriever Who Had A 10 Percent Chance Of Living Can't Contain Her Excitement When Told She's Cancer Free

Publish Date
Monday, 17 August 2015, 2:23PM

One dog got some very good news and she couldn't help but show her excitement over it.

Lily the Golden Retriever, who lives in Hawaii, had had a six pound tumour removed from her spleen and her odds were not favorable at all - Lily's doctor told her that she had a Hemangiosarcoma, and had only a 10 percent chance of it not being cancerous.

In fact, the doctor told Lily that in his 20 years of practicing doggy medicine, he had never seen this type of tumour be benign. Chances were Lily only had months to live.

'I need you to sit down for this,' Lily's owner, who calls herself Mrs. Makai on YouTube, tells her dog somberly after the doctor calls with an update on the tumour.

But then her owner breaks the was astonishing news - Lily's tumour was benign!

The lucky pooch's owner films the moment she tells Lily the incredible news and her adorable reaction. The video has gotten almost one million views on YouTube.