Is She Too Young? Five-Year-Old Danna's Beauty Tips Spark Controversy

Publish Date
Monday, 23 March 2015, 10:26AM

Five-year-old, Danna Gomez from Colombia, is at the centre of a debate after her make-up tutorial for Valentine's Day sparked controversy online.

Not only does the little girl show how to apply eyeliner and foundation, she explains how to use contouring techniques to make noses appear slimmer.

The tutorials were filmed by the five-year-old's aunt Denisse Gomez, who thought they were so cute she posted them online, where they quickly went viral on social media.

While some viewers have found the videos cute and rather amusing, others have criticised Danna's performance, claiming the videos are inappropriate for a girl so young.

One viewer, Miguel, said: 'Why can't we let our children be children, why do we have to rush them into being adults before they are ready?'

Another viewer, You Know Who, wrote that it was 'a perfect example of a sexualization of little innocent children'.