Is this the worst round from 'The Chase' that you have ever seen?

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Wednesday, 6 September 2017, 3:47PM
Photo / Youtube

Photo / Youtube

Viewers watching The Chase were left stunned by a contestant who failed to answer a single correctly.

Moir, 44, a PA from Essex, panicked during the daytime quiz show's cash builder round, stumbling over straightforward questions posed by host Bradley Walsh - who appeared amused by her frustration. 

When asked to name the nursery rhyme Sing A Song of Sixpence, it was all too much for Moir.

She blurted out: 'Three blackbirds in a pie... ?', but it was not the title Bradley was looking for, and he could be heard chuckling at her frustration.

After her allotted time was up, Moir realised she had failed miserably, adding zero pounds to the pot of potential prize money the team could win.

Attempting to console her Bradley asked: 'You knew about five of them, what happened there?'

'Nerves, I guess... Absolutely awful!' Moir responded, and Bradley then rubbed salt in the wound, adding: 'I can't believe you got none!'

She turned to her remaining team mate Robert and apologised before facing Chaser Anne 'The Governess' Hegerty.

The Governess offered Moir £10,000 to try and beat her with another round of questions.

But Moir then failed to answer which Mediterranean Island was referred to as 'Eivissa' in Catalan, out of Sardinia, Corsica and Ibiza.

Even host Bradley was flabbergasted she didn't pick the correct answer Ibiza, pointing out they sound similar phonetically, and the contestant agreed things had gone from 'bad to worse'. 

The Governess was able to catch Moir up easily, answering all of the questions correctly and leaving her to walk away empty-handed. 


Have a go at the questions Moir failed to get right - the answers are at the bottom

1. The name of which London arts venue is abbreviated to 'NT'?

2. What primary colour precedes 'print' to describe a design plan?

3. Who in 1956 said 'we are not at war with Egypt we are in an armed conflict'?

4. Richmond is a brand of what meat product? 

5. England's Euro 2016 squad featured five players from which club? 

6. Who played the title detective in the original series Ironside? 

7. What nursery rhyme features a 'dainty dish to set before the king'? 

8. In 1648 Charles I tried to break out of what Isle of Wight castle?

9. What word meaning 'ready' do Italians use when answering the phone? 

Answers: National Theatre, Blue, Anthony Eden, Sausage, Tottenham, Raymond Burr, Sing A Song of Sixpence, Carisbrooke Castle, Pronto

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