Jason and Bernadine settle their baking dilemma with a 'Great Bake Off'

Publish Date
Friday, 16 November 2018, 7:42AM

After getting a little too involved when watching TVNZ's 'The Great Kiwi Bake Off', Jason and Bernadine weren't able to agree on who the better baker of the two was.

After they worked out that they couldn't find out the better baker by just arguing about it, they came up with an idea that involved Sue Fleichl, a judge from the show.

The Great Coast Bake Off was on!

Staying up until after midnight while working on breakfast radio is something that no one wants to do, but it showed Bernadine's level of dedication to the contest. 

Unfortunately, Jason didn't show that same level, as he stopped by the supermarket to grab a lemon cake on his way home from work the day before.

When the day of judging finally arrived, Sue was none the wiser as to who baked and who didn't bake their slices that the two contestants were presenting.

Taking a slice of Jason's lemon cake, Sue asks Jason to tell her about the icing "It's a lemon, uh, it's a lemon sort of, uh, it's nana's recipe - I can't give too much away," Jason says.

"A lot of lemon, it's very very lemony" Sue says unsurely.

After taking a bite of the "slice", Bernadine starts to rattle off the ingredients that went into it, "Preservative 104, colouring 203, emulsifier..." 

"This is a very refined palate on my left," Sue says, surprised by Bernadine's accuracy.


After almost choking on Jason's dry cake, the trio moved on to Bernadine's "princess slice" that looked a lot more appetising.

"Lovely, lovely slice - now this is what you call a slice," Sue gushed.

By this stage, it was pretty clear who the winner was, but Jason was still surprised when Sue gave the win to Bernadine, "You don't have to apologise to her," he joked.

It was until after the winner was decided that Sue learned of Jason's trickery, and we're not sure that Sue knew that the mics were still on when she said "That's even a bad bought one," but it was a priceless line. 

Who do you think should've won?