Kiwi road worker delights drivers with great dance moves

Publish Date
Friday, 22 February 2019, 11:29AM

A road worker has been caught on video putting a smile on drivers' faces as they get surprise dance moves and a friendly wave on their journey.

Melinda Hatherly was travelling on a bus between Flat Hills and Taihape when she spotted the worker.

The bus had to make a stop because of the road workers, which meant Hatherly managed to capture a couple of minutes of the joy-inducing dancing on video.

"This fabulous lesson in 'Road-Radiance: Humour, Entertainment and Communication!' Love it," she posted on her Facebook page along with the footage.

"Who was that Marvellous Fluorescent-Vested Highway-Dancing Hero?" she wondered.

The video was posted earlier this month and has been shared more than 300 times since Hatherly made it public, after a friend suggested she spread the joy more widely.

"It was so wonderful and uplifting to witness," she told the Herald.

Hatherly says she's tried to find the man's identity but, so far, hasn't been successful. She wanted to let him know the joy he'd brought to her day.


"He can't see the expressions of people passing by. Everyone was so happy, I'd love for him to know that," she added.

"It's the spirit of New Zealand."

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