Kiwi twins make The Ellen DeGeneres Show with their hysterical egg mess

Publish Date
Friday, 17 May 2019, 9:19AM

Raising children can be hard ... it's full of messes and tantrums but also smiles and laughs.

Eagar to highlight this, Ellen DeGeneres has come up with a hilarious segment titled 'Why I Don't Have Kids', in which the TV host shares pictures and video that capture what it's really like to raise a child!

During this week's show, a Kiwi family made the cut after their twin toddlers destroyed what looks like hundreds of eggs all over the kitchen floor.

Unable to contain her laughter, Ellen joked: "Who has that many eggs?"

"How far out in New Zealand do you live that you have to ... what, do you have chickens living in your house or something?"

Can you just imagine walking into this?!


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