Low-flying plane nearly hits boaties

Publish Date
Thursday, 7 May 2015, 8:51AM

This footage shows the incredible moment that boaties were almost decapitated by a low-flying plane which passed just a few feet above their heads.

The footage shows the three men filming their wake with a selfie-stick as they speed along a lake in Argentina when the small propeller plane appears from nowhere, travelling at high speed towards them.

It looks out of control and has one wingtip in the air and another almost in the water as the pilot grapples to take hold of the plane and steer it away from danger.

You can hear the men's panic-stricken shouting as the approaches at speed, giving them no time to react as they sit in the boat, powerless to stop the plane on course to take off their heads.

But the pilot regains control at the last second and flies above them, leaving the men unharmed.

The camera then turns around and shows a bridge in front of the boat which the plane must have struggled to avoid.

Then the men can be heard laughing and breathing a sigh of relief after the plane disappears into the distance.

The men had been taking part in a fishing festival, the Largada Fiesta del Surubi in Goya, Argentina, on Sunday when the footage was filmed.

Highlights included a number of angling competitions and an air show - although it's not yet known if the plane had been taking part in the show.

- Daily Mail