Shaun Wallace's health scare after taking part in TV experiment

Publish Date
Wednesday, 6 March 2019, 10:23AM

Shaun Wallace from The Chase recently appeared on ITV's 'The Junk Food Experiment', which is a reality TV show about what effects junk foods really have on our bodies.

The contestants ate around 5000 calories per day which consisted of burgers, fried chicken, and pizza for their three daily meals over a period of 21 days.

Because Shaun had sleeping troubles before taking part in the experiment, the Chaser was warned about developing sleep apnea as a result of all the junk food that he was going to eat.

"You've gone from not quite having sleep apnea, to having it," the doctor revealed.

Sleep apnea wasn't the only issue that Shaun developed during the experiment either - when asked about passing stool, his response was alarming.

"To be honest, for the first three days I passed stools twice and I was beginning to get worried."

"Then I was going to get my last meal and I got caught short," he said.

"I had to drive all down the north circular road, run the green lights, it was fantastic."

"I managed to get home and the minute I pushed the key in the door went upstairs…"

“We can imagine, we would rather not imagine, but yeah," the expert replied.


We're glad that you're finished with that experiment! Shaun!