She Hugged Soldiers At The Airport For 12 Years But When She Wasn’t There They Did This...

Publish Date
Thursday, 19 November 2015, 2:29PM

In central Texas, 83-year-old Elizabeth Laird is more commonly known by her nickname, the “Hug Lady”, coined due to her small gesture of travelling to the nearby airbase, Fort Hood, in order to pay her respects to the departing troops with a hug, before they are deployed for service.

In fact, Elizabeth has been offering this act of loyalty, love and support since 2003.

Her small gesture has had a huge impact on those who serve their country, as Elizabeth provides them with that final dose of compassion and recognition before they leave their home, for what is possibly the very last time.

However, when they do return home, you can bet Laird will be standing there, arms wide open, ready to welcome them back home.

However, one day, Elizabeth was not there.

Unknown to her community, Elizabeth has spent the past 11 years fighting a personal battle with breath cancer, and was recently admitted to hospital.

Check out what the troops did in the video above!