These two cops have gone viral with their soulful a cappella cover of The Temptations' hit 'My Girl'

Publish Date
Tuesday, 23 April 2019, 1:53PM

Two police officers from New York may have just found their true calling.

After being caught on camera belting out Ed Sheeran's romantic ballad 'Thinking Out Loud' in a local restaurant, the duo became internet sensations overnight.

And now Michael Norwood and Moe Badger are set to appear on The Ellen Degeneres Show following their latest cover of The Temptations' 1965 hit 'My Girl'.

The officers say people recognise them wherever they go and they’re always being asked to sing.

Norwood said it's brought him out of his shell as he only used to sing in the shower.

"He [Badger] kind of got me comfortable singing around people and now we literally sing everywhere we go," Norwood said.

They’ve also noticed their performances are bringing them closer to the community.

"Just to see how when we’re approached now, it’s a different demeanour," Badger said.

"That doesn’t mean we still don’t have to do our job but it does mean the way we are approached by people is different and they’ll see us as humans and not this badge."

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