This Is The Most Popular Song In The World

Publish Date
Friday, 3 June 2016, 2:16PM

If you had to guess this, you might go for a classic from Michael Jackson, maybe a Beatles song, or even an Elvis track, but we doubt you'd guess this one. 

We'll tell you first that it’s a Disney song. And no it’s not 'Let It Go' from Frozen.

The most popular song in the world is 'It's a Small World'.

The song was written in 1962. It’s the soundtrack to one of the most famous Disney attractions.

The song was born after Walt Disney conducted a walk-through of the attraction and said, “I need one song that can be easily translated into many languages and be played as a round.”

Across three continents, the song has been played over 50 million times since the ride first opened in 1966.