This Man Had A Unique Way to Keep Him Occupied During Brain Surgery

Publish Date
Thursday, 4 June 2015, 3:50PM

If getting a tumour removed from your brain isn't bad enough, imagine having to be awake during it!

Anthony KulKamp decided to take his guitar into the surgery and played his favourite Beatles song 'Yesterday'.

Anthony has been a professional guitarist for 20 years and sadly discovered the tumour just 15 days after his son was born.

He began stuttering and couldn't even remember the name of his car. It's common for patients to be kept awake during brain surgery so doctors can do cerebral monitoring because there is such a strong chance of brain functions such as sensory, motor and speech being damaged.

Anthony’s surgeon said “By keeping the patient awake during surgery, these areas can be monitored in real time. A kind of mapping of important areas can be done. It really is a great challenge for the whole surgery team, including the anaesthetist. At this point, the anaesthetist’s challenge begins: to keep the patient awake and pain-free.”

Good luck to Anthony for his recovery!