Watch: Auckland's Traffic Ninja

Publish Date
Friday, 4 September 2015, 12:52PM

The lights were out in Glen Eden today and no police in site directing traffic on one of the busiest intersections..!!! That was until this citizen took matters into his own hands. How great is the view from Volition's Cardio theatre....:-)

Posted by Volition on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A man in West Auckland took it upon himself to direct traffic at a busy intersection during a power cut.

A video posted on the Facebook page of Glen Eden gym Volition shows the enthusiastic man embracing the job.

Volition personal trainer Sian Poelau said he saw the man directing traffic for about 10 minutes before leaving, then later returning for a further 10 minutes, Fairfax reported.

Motorists passing the man at the busy intersection were giving him the thumbs up and waving, Poelau said.