Watch James Cordon's parody of 'Dancing On The Ceiling'

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Friday, 26 May 2017, 2:33PM

It's one of his biggest hits.

So it's little surprise that Lionel Richie was ready to sing Dancing On The Ceiling when he appeared on The Late Late Show on Wednesday.

But, of course, host James Corden wanted more, going for a full blown repeat of the 1986 music video - including dancing on the ceiling.

The couple got themselves into the 80s vibe with era-appropriate clothing while James wore a full-on blonde faux mullet.

All seemed to go well as they burst into the party room and joined the dancers.

Lionel, 67, boogied up the walls and onto the ceiling as he sang and James, 38, followed his guest, no problem.

Getting down was the issue. 

While the pop star danced back down to the floor and seemed ready to join the other partygoers who were leaving, James couldn't move his feet and was left hanging on the ceiling,

'Lionel, I'm not joking, I'm stuck!' James pleaded.

The celebrity tried to knock him down by throwing a soccer ball, a keyboard and a phone at him.

He also brought him a hot dog tied to the end of a long stick, saying, 'Yummy, yummy, yummy!' before squirting ketchup and mustard up at the host, yelling 'incoming,' as the sauce hit him in the face.

The singer finally gave up and left as the screen went black, leaving James in the lurch - but not for long.

After a scream and a thump, the host's voice is heard saying: 'Good news, Lionel, I'm down.'

Source: Daily Mail.