Watch Robbie Williams convince a fan to propose to his girlfriend in hilarious video

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Wednesday, 30 May 2018, 11:57AM

Robbie Williams has sent Instagram into overdrive after convincing a Dutch couple to get engaged on Instagram while thousands of fans were watching live.

The proposal happened during a video on the social media site featuring the British music star, 44, who shares two children with 39-year-old wife Ayda Field-Williams.

As Ayda shared a live stream of the couple, Dutch Jetske Cox, 38, took to the comments section to complain that her boyfriend, Chris Van Der Linden, also 38, was hesitant to marry her.

Upon seeing the comment, Robbie decided to video call Jetske live on Instagram, before asking her to fetch her rather surprised partner of ten years.

In the video Robbie is seen greeting Jetske before asking her to fetch her boyfriend who is downstairs.

As she sits down on the sofa next to him, the baffled boyfriend says: 'Hi who is this?', before Robbie says: 'It's Robbie Williams'.

'No!' a shocked Chris replies before quickly adding, 'Hi, how are you?' to the cheeky singer.

Robbie gets straight to the point, replying: 'A little birdie told me that you have been together for 10 years with your girlfriend. And he has not proposed?'

He then adds: 'My wife wants to have a word with you', as Ayda then chimes in, telling the Dutchman, 'No! Ten years and you haven't proposed, that's downright rude man!'

Speaking about his own previous hesitance to propose to Ayda, Robbie is then seen convincing him to propose, arguing: 'If I can get over it, you can get over it.'

Ayda adds: 'If you had got over it eight years ago when you had been together two years you would now be married for eight years and in the same boat!'.

And when Chris reveals that the couple have children, both Robbie and Ayda push even harder for the Dutchman to pop the question.

'You have kids? So you're in anyway what's the big deal? Give her the joy if that's what she wants,' Ayda adds.

Chris is finally seen giving in, before going down on one knee in the live Instagram video.

He asks half in Dutch, half in English: 'Are you recording this?' as Robbie replies, 'Yes it will be on the internet'.

Chris adds: 'But I don't have a ring right now!' as Jetske replies: 'I don't need a ring'.

Chris then gets down on one knee as his girlfriend screams 'Oh my god!' and Ayda screams 'Do it!' before he asks: 'Jetske, do you want to marry me? With Robbie Williams as my witness?'

An ecstatic Jetske is seen saying 'Yes, of course!' before the couple kiss and Robbie and Ayda cheer loudly and jump around with joy, blowing the couple kisses.

'We'll sort the ring out later', Chris says, as Ayda adds: 'Yes but you can't go back on it we were witnesses!'. 

Adding to the Dutch couple's exciting day, the British singer then even promises the couple to record a song for their wedding.

'I will sing you a special wedding song and send you a video of it', Robbie tells the ecstatic couple. 

And fans viewing the story quickly streamed the live thread with excited comments.

'Omg', one wrote, while another added: 'How cute is this?' and others flooded the chat with heart faces. 

And speaking a day after Robbie convinced him to pop the question a day, Chris said: 'We saw Robbie and his wife in their garden and they saw us on the couch.

'Luckily we have this on film, as otherwise you wouldn't believe it if such a world star is calling you?'

Chris said he did not regret the proposal at all and said 'it just did not come of it at an earlier time' because of their kids and jobs.

He added: 'The look of Robbie and his wife when I propose to Jetske is worth a fortune.'

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