Watch the emotional moment a couple finds out they're pregnant after trying for five years

Publish Date
Monday, 17 June 2019, 11:33AM

Warning: This video may bring tears to your eyes!

Hannah-May Berryman and her partner, Adam Fairbrass have been struggling for over five years to have a baby.

The couple began their journey in 2014, however, after trying for two years and failing to fall pregnant, Berryman decided to start documenting their emotional rollercoaster, capturing their grief at being met with negative pregnancy tests, month after month.

After being told the 26-year-old suffered from low hormone levels, making it hard for her to conceive, they began looking into fertility treatment.

But after years of heartbreak, on May 30, the couple caught on camera the emotional moment they discovered they were expecting their first baby — and it has since gone viral on Facebook with more than 900,000 views.

Adam and Hannah's baby is due in February 2019.

Grab a tissue and scroll to minute 12 to watch the scene unfold.

So beautiful!

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