Professional Cleaners Give Tips on How You Can Clean Like A Pro

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016, 2:02PM
Photo: iStock

Photo: iStock

Hiring a professional cleaner is the easiest way to deal with things but why pay the money when you can do a job just as well as a pro?

Professional cleaners shared their top tips with Homelife, revealing nine ways to get your home shining in under an hour.

1. Never use paper towels, stick to rags

When it comes to cleaning, much beauty lies within an old rag.

Apart from the bonus that they can be re-used, they get stuck into grime much better than paper towels, which leave lint - something rags don't do.

2. Don't go overboard on the product
Yes, it can be fun to squirt, squirt, squirt that bottle of cleaning product but it's actually just taking up extra time having to wipe it all away.

You're better off just wiping down the surface.

If you keep this tip in mind next time you're having a little tidy-up, you should notice the cleaning agent has a longer life-span.

3. Start from the top and work down

This is a brilliant little tip that can cut your cleaning time in half.

Start with the ceiling, with a long-handled broom wipe down any fans, vents and corners, then move on to dusting and polishing furniture and then hit the floors with a vacuum and a mop.

Knocking the dust down from the top can save you going over the same area twice.

4. Don't get distracted

Focus. No procrastinating. Netflix will be there when you're done.

Set out the area you intend to clean and stick to it.

Professional cleaners don't have the luxury of scrolling through an old scrapbook they happened to stumble across, so neither should you.

5. Get a good vacuum cleaner

Investing in a vacuum with strong suction will absolutely save time, effort and energy.
To get that dust eliminated pain-free go for a high-powered vac that does all the work for you.

6. Clean clockwise

Choose a position that's "12 o' clock" and start from there.

Cleaning in a circle will create flow and should diminish the possibility of missing anywhere.

7. Professionals rely on good lighting

This sounds obvious, but it works.

Keeping the area well-lit will help you spot areas you may have missed.

8. Set a time limit

Professional cleaners have only a set time to complete the job and so should you.

Set yourself a limit and stick to it.

9. Pay attention to detail but don't spend too long on it

Don't overlook door knobs, light switches and cupboard handles - these things make a big difference but don't get too caught up about them.

Clean them as best you can then move on.



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