Bryan Ward - Older Drivers

Publish Date
Wednesday, 28 June 2017, 3:31PM
By Bryan Ward

Older drivers are involved in fewer crashes than other age groups. They tend to drive conservatively, travel fewer kilometres than other drivers and restrict their driving to times and situations in which they feel safe.

The NZTA have developed a self assessment tool that can help senior drivers to examine and compare their skills with the requirements for safe driving. There are suggestions to improve each driving skill that is identified as an area to focus on after completing the self assessment.

Find it at :

They also have some great resources at the following webpage including : The road ahead: transport options for seniors, The cost of running a vehicle and supporting senior drivers

Bryan Ward is a Pan Auckland Community Constable across the Auckland area and has been a police officer for over 18 years.

Bryan has been a national trainer for the neighbourhood policing teams and community constables in the Police and developed and features in a children's safety television programme called Bryan and Bobby you can visit them on their website:

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