Bryan Ward - Safe Driving

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Thursday, 1 June 2017, 12:36PM
By Bryan Ward

 As a contributing factor in 20% of all fatal and serious injury crashes, speed continues to be a serious issue on New Zealand roads. In 2015, 87 people were killed and 466 were seriously injured in speed-related crashes.(NZTA)

Previous campaigns have shown that irrespective of your personal driving ability and skill, there are others on the road who make mistakes. Safe speeds are essential for this reason; drivers can’t control the behaviour of other road users but they can control their own. 

Police are often asked lots of questions about driving, manner of driving and what happens if I get a ticket …here are the answers to a lot of the questions we get :

Check out the NZTA advice about speed and how if factors into crashes

About Bryan

Bryan Ward is a Pan Auckland Community Constable across the Auckland area and has been a police officer for over 18 years.

Bryan has been a national trainer for the neighbourhood policing teams and community constables in the Police and developed and features in a children's safety television programme called Bryan and Bobby you can visit them on their website:

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