Bryan Ward - Engrave your goods/valuables

Publish Date
Thursday, 2 November 2017, 11:48AM
By Bryan Ward

Engraving items such as Lawnmowers, Power tools  and garden tools with your Drivers Licence number is a great way to make them safer.

If the property becomes lost (or worse) it is easy for Police to locate you via this number. Be Sure to record all your power tools and garden equipment (lawnmower etc) serial numbers/make and model details on the SNAP website it's free and only you can access your property

Jewellery too can be engraved or valued and this too can be stored on the snap website

Synthetic DNA can also be applied to your property for further ease in making it identifiable. The SNAP website has some products that you may wish for this.

Nothing deters theft better than make things difficult for thieves/burglars so be sure to put things away and away from sight no matter what it is, record serial numbers, engrave things (when you can) and record them all on the SNAP website HERE.

Bryan Ward is a Pan Auckland Community Constable across the Auckland area and has been a police officer for over 18 years.

Bryan has been a national trainer for the neighbourhood policing teams and community constables in the Police and developed and features in a children's safety television programme called Bryan and Bobby you can visit them on their website:

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