Philip Walsh - Why you might be experiencing blurred peripheral vision when wearing your new glasses.

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Friday, 2 February 2018, 11:45AM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

By Philip Walsh

It is fairly common for some people to experience blurred peripheral vision after receiving new glasses, and can be a result of your eyes getting used to the new prescription.

This type of peripheral vision distortion can often occur if the new glasses are of a stronger prescription or the frames are larger than what you are used to. Glasses focus on the section of the visual field that is right in front of you, in order to help correct your vision and perception. If you've been wearing glasses for a long time, your brain gets used to this and can find it hard to adjust if the prescription is changed.

If you are experiencing peripheral vision distortion because of your new glasses, go back to your optometrist and let them know about your problem. Sometimes the fit of your new glasses will need to be changed to minimise this distorted effect.

In most cases, a short adjustment period may be all that is required to help your eyes get used to the new glasses, especially if this is the first time you are wearing multifocal lenses. 
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About Philip 

Philip is an experienced optometrist with a Bachelor of Optometry from Auckland University. He’s worked in the UK, Zimbabwe and is now the Optometrist Director at the Specsavers New Lynn store in Auckland, one of 52 Specsavers stores across the country. 

Improving access for all Kiwis to high-quality eye care and eyewear is Philip’s passion. What he loves about his role at Specsavers is providing all his patients with excellent customer service and professional eye care with the latest technology and knowledgeable well-trained staff.

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