ABBA's Benny Andersson teams up with Elton John for live 'Chiquitita' and 'Bennie and the Jets' piano mash-up

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Wednesday, 3 August 2022, 4:00PM

Thanks to TikTok, a mash-up of ABBA's 'Chiquitita' and Elton John's 'Bennie and the Jets' has been making the rounds on social media over the past couple of weeks.

The viral music clip sees the piano notes of the bridge from 'Chiquitita' combined with the opening riff of 'Bennie and the Jets.'

And it seems Benny Anderson and the Rocket Man wanted to jump on the bandwagon.

@abba Heard that ’Chiquitita’ was trending again…with @Elton John! #ABBA #pop #piano ♬ Benny and Chiquitita - reymifasol

The legendary artists have taken to the video platform to bring the mash-up to life.

Collaborating remotely, the pair performed a live rendition of each of their songs before they were blended together.

In the video, Andersson can be seen sitting at his jet-black piano before the camera pans over to John hammering down on a golden set of keys.

Alongside the clip, they wrote: "Heard 'Chiquitita' was trending again ... with Elton John."

Too cool!

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