Adele makes country music debut with breathtaking 'Easy On Me' duet with Chris Stapleton

Publish Date
Tuesday, 30 November 2021, 3:51PM

As surprising as it sounds, Adele is taking the country music charts by storm!

Recruiting country singer Chris Stapleton for a breathtaking new version of 'Easy On Me,' the British vocal powerhouse has made her debut at number 25 on Billboard's Country Airplay Chart.

And, according to the publication, the beautiful piano ballad has made "unprecedented airplay chart history" with 5.4 million audience impressions.

The 33-year-old is a long-time fan of the country singer, previously calling him a "dream duet partner."

"Basically, I’ve been a fan of him since SteelDriver days," she said. "I've been covering SteelDrivers for like nearly 12 years now. It's just… his voice is just f****** brilliant."

The pop star reportedly approached Stapleton about doing a duet, but travel restrictions made it impossible for them to meet and record in person.

To date, the collaborative version can only be heard on country music radio outlets and via the deluxe version of Adele's new album, 30.

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