Bradley Walsh reveals he broke his back in three places after falling from a bull

Publish Date
Thursday, 16 January 2020, 12:17PM

When it comes to celebrity injuries, Bradley Walsh is currently topping the list.

Appearing on This Morning in the UK today, The Chase host revealed he suffered from a horrific injury while filming the ITV series Breaking Dad with his son Barney Walsh.

And it's safe to say Barney really did break his dad.

During their visit to an American rodeo for the series - which sees the duo travel on an adventurous road trip across the States - Bradley lived out his life-long dream of bull-riding.

However, the experience didn't go to plan, as Bradley fell off the bull and landed on his back, breaking his transverse process L3, his transverse process L4 and his transverse process L5 in his back.

"It sounds a bit more severe than it actually is," he said trying to play down the injury.

"What happened was, I fell awkwardly, purely my own fault ...

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"My life's ambition was to go on a rodeo and they [the show's crew] always say to me, Barnes says to me, 'What would you really like to do Dad?' And I say, 'I would love to do a rodeo', because I love cowboy films."

Bradley continued: "You can go in the novice class with all of the kids and the mums and dads, because it's a family show, and I'm like, 'Yeah, I'm having some of that.' And unfortunately, I fell slightly wrong."

Bradley went to the Southview Hospital in Kettering, Dayton to be treated after it was discovered he had broken his back in three places and was in considerable danger after the fall.

The 59-year-old shared his X-ray from the injury on the show to illustrate the extensive damage to his back.

We're just glad Bradley made a full recovery!