Bruce Springsteen's beautiful daughter is all grown up and will compete at the Olympics

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Wednesday, 7 July 2021, 7:11PM

Her father is one of the greatest rock stars on the planet, but that isn't stopping her from making a name for herself.

However, for Bruce Springsteen's daughter Jessica, there isn't a guitar in sight.

Instead, it's all about horses.

The brunette beauty is all grown up and she was born to ride, making headlines around the world with her seriously amazing equestrian skills. 

The 29-year-old has been riding since she was about four years of age and has been selected to join Team USA as part of the Equestrian squad heading to Japan next month.

US Equestrian have confirmed Jessica - who will ride her 12-year-old stallion Don Juan Van de Donkhoeve - will be part of the jumping team.

"I was always really focused on riding," she previously revealed. "Ever since I was four years old, it's what I wanted to do."

And she described her parents as her "biggest supporters".

"It’s great that [my parents] come and share it as a family — they’re my biggest supporters," she said.

"I don’t think [my dad] gets as nervous as my mum, but they both really love to come. So I am happy they love it as much as I do."

Before making it big in the equestrian world, Jessica earned an undergraduate degree from Duke University in 2014.

After embarking on her career as a show jumping rider, she also did some modelling and was named the equestrian ambassador for Gucci.

Go Jessica!

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