Celine Dion is slammed online after releasing "controversial" children's clothing line

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Thursday, 15 November 2018, 5:05PM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

Celine Dion made headlines yesterday as she was "arrested" in her promotional video for her new children's clothing collaboration with Nununu.

While everyone seemed to love the video and Celine's iconic "It's OK, it's OK, I'm Celine Dion" line, a lot of people are angry about the clothing line that the video is promoting.

Thousands of critics voiced their concerns in the comment section of the post, labelling Celine a "sellout" and claiming that she's made a mistake with this line.

One said: "Lost me as a fan forever! This was absolutely disgusting and is what has been causing so much violence in our world. There are only two genders. Bye, Celine. Albums in the trash and now I boo you. You might win some but you just lost ONE!"

"You're so horrible. Boys are boys girls are girls!!!!! Stop this madness," another said.


Despite the majority of hateful comments on the post, there were still a fair few people defending Celine and her product.

One replied to a hateful comment saying: "Kids can be kids and it does not matter what they wear. Your real issue is she is supporting gender neutrality. Honestly if someone wants to be gender nuetral.... Its not hurting you... Its not affecting your life personaly... The world is not gonna end. Personally i get tired of everyone slapping labels on everything. Its nice to see clothing brans and people find a middle ground. Honestly if your that pressed dont read about her clothing line. Simple solutions for easy to solve problems."


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