Elton John fans share concerns for the singer after One World: Together At Home performance

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Wednesday, 22 April 2020, 5:51PM

Performing as part of the virtual concert One World: Together at Home on Sunday, Elton John treated fans to a stellar rendition of his hit song 'I'm Still Standing.

But the performance has left fans concerned for the 73-year-old's health.

When singing the chorus of the track, Elton appeared to slur his words and was seemingly unable to pronounce the "S" and "T" sounds.

Following the live performance, the 'Tiny Dancer' hitmaker took to his social media to thank viewers for their support, however, fans flooded the comments section expressing their concern.

One fan replied: "Love me some Elton but something was off about this performance ... yelling and sounded like he has a speech impediment."

Another speculated: "Know he'd had pneumonia not long ago and honestly think that's why he didn't sound quite the same."

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Meanwhile, a third continued: "I'm legitimately concerned about #EltonJohn after his #ImStillStanding performance during the #OneWorldTogetherAtHome concert. Seen him so many times and he sounded off."

"Why does Elton John sound tongue-tied? Not being snarky ... genuinely concerned," asked a fourth.

"How come he couldn't pronounce standing?" a fifth questioned.

We hope he is okay!

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